Meatballs and Music is kind of like Christmas.  We plan and we plan and we plan and then its over in a day!  But what a day it was!  From the first time I attended Meatballs and Music in 2013 and each year thereafter I am continuously amazed by this one of a kind event that draws not just parents and grandparents, but members of the community, teachers, school board members and parents of graduated students.  The preparation and work that goes into this event is unlike no other and the day of is the epitome of an “all hands on deck”  scenario.  The rewards, however, are immeasurable.  We don’t have our final numbers yet, but I can already say that Meatballs & Music was a success!  Financially, the proceeds of this event will propel us into the next school year.  But more than that, the opportunity for our group to offer an event that involves all of our families, all of our music students and all of our community is unparalleled.


We could not be more grateful to each and every parent who volunteered their time and talents to make M&M2020 the success that it was.  To our new parents and volunteers, I hope that you were as impressed by the breadth and scope of this event as I was the first time I attended.  To our returning parents, thank you for coming back and sharing your talents once again.  To our “graduating” parents, thank you for your continued dedication to our program and these kids.  Please come back and see us each year.


I would like to take a minute to recognize the individuals who made this day possible.  First and foremost, THANK YOU LYNN WILLISON!!!!!  Lynn co-chaired this event last year and has spent all of her time over the last 12 month preparing for Saturday.  Lynn’s quiet determination and willingness to step in and take on such a massive responsibility is rare and our gratitude is boundless.


I would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our directors, Mr. Barney, Mr. Perrotte, Mr. McGough, Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Bair and Mr. DiFilippo.  Each of these teachers has embraced this event with such enthusiasm and dedication.  Thank you for giving us your Saturday.  You are a testament to the teaching profession and an invaluable proponent of the music program in our district.  THANK YOU Jill Strangis for an amazing Winterguard and Colorguard performance.  Your time and efforts are so appreciated!  Thank you Dr. French, the administration and the members of the school board who attended this event and support it, our organization and our families throughout the school year.


Next, THANK YOU  Jason Gallagher (Sauce Boss), Elizabeth Hardy & Michelle Orphall (Baskets), Carrie Gallagher (Desserts), Barb Harvey (Coffee), Annie Doty (Spiritwear), Lori Obel & Stacy Henderson (Decorating), Rolf Briegel (Take Out), Lisa Briegel  (Dining Room), Katie Clark (Salads), Amy Vogel (Corporate Sponsorships) and Mike Koerbel (50/50) for agreeing to be the “Leads” in each of the above categories.  Without you, this event SIMPLY does not occur.  Thank you so much for taking on this added responsibility.  The results speak for themselves.


I am sure that anyone who attended Saturday’s event noted just how many people it takes to feed almost 2000 dinners, generate and sell 164 gift baskets, sell Spiritwear, serve desserts and sell 50/50 tickets.  THANK  YOU TO EACH OF OUR VOLUNTEERS!


Thursday Onion Chopping:Jaeyeon Jeong, Denine Reitz, Adrianne, McConville

Friday Drink Caravan:Steve/Amy Wasieleski, Jim Poellet, Charlene Rice, Heather Schaner

Unload Food Truck: Lori Obel, Bryan Trax, Suzanne Mackay, Michelle Hoffman, Scott Blasey, Jim Poellet, Darlene Lemansky, Aaron Williams

Friday Night Cooks:Jason Gallagher, Lori & Keith Landis, Colin Fink, Lori Schwerzler, George Lutz, Mike Koerbel, Jim Willison

Saturday Morning Set Up:Scott & Jessica McChesney, Allison Ross, Kami Malencia, Tara Bellisario, Bob Racko, Michelle Hoffman, Peter & Connie Will, Amy Donachy

Saturday Kitchen Cooks:Jason Gallagher, George Lutz, Kristin Taylor, Ria Kartsonas, Laura Batchelder, Matt Henderson, Jamie and Scott MacKay, Aaron Williams, Mike Kirch, Steve & Monica Aspinall, Patrick Ogburn

Parent Volunteer Sign In: Joanne Giancola

Gift Basket Solicitors:Alicia Olalde, Michelle Orphall, Diane Parker, Sue Dietzel, Laura Spernak, Kim Abt, Rochelle Koerbel, Stacy Henderson, Kristin Taylor

Gift Basket Assembly:Leslie Browell, Kristin Taylor, Stacy Henderson, Linda Paul, Cherl Ferris, Monica Rutherford, Amy Wasieleski, Lori Cicchini, Sherri Laster, Alicia Olalde, Michelle Orphall, Gretchen White, Staci McCullough, Laura Spernak, Angie Zampetti, Sharon Lutz, Nancy Sampson, Amy Petro

Saturday Basket Drivers:Amy Petro, Amy Wasieleski, Rochelle Koerbel, Monica Rutherford, Staci McCullough, Sherri & KC Laster, Gretchen White

Saturday Basket Sales:Laura Spernak, Deborah Polvani, Alicia Olalde, Cari Williams, Holly Smith, Dre & Pat Molyneaux, Traci Powell, Staci McCullough, Deanna Gallagher, Jaeyeon Jeong, Angie Zampetti, Erin Harrigan, Katherine Reitz

Saturday Basket Distribution:Donna Waigand, Michelle Orphall, Stacy Henderson, Angie Zampetti, Charlene Rice, Alicia Olalde, Cari Williams, Michelle Orphall, Rochelle Koerbel, Linda Paul, Laurie Suchko, Kristin & Dan Taylor, Leslie Browell

Waiter Management:Ali Lucas, Brenda Falcione, Dan Lemansky, Julie & Glen Mauder, Jennifer & Calvin Robol, Steve D’Addieco, Brenda Falcione, Gretchen & Jeremy White, Cheryl Graves, Judy Luisi

Gym Management:Amy Vogel, Dave Sampson, Rochelle Koerbel

Salad/Rolls:Leslie & Rob Browell, Patrick Gallagher

Sauce Slingers:Kelly Romero, Robin Ferrari, Steve Clark, Brian Hyjurick, Jamie McGoogan, John & Erin Golec, Shelly Belcher, Carol Aurin, Richard Colaizzi, Clint Langley, Sherri & Derek Bayer, Heather Schaner, Shawn DeSaw

Desserts:Jessica Bole, Sharon Colaizzi, Debbie Busche, Bridget Barton, Brenda & Dave Bentz, Laura Roberts, Kim & Eric Mitchell, Debbie Langley, Beth Trax, Kelly Hillebrand, Beth May, Nancy Sampson, Laurie Suchko

Ticket Collectors:Donna Waigand, Laura Spernak, Julie Simko, Julie Ogburn, Lisa & Rick Rothhaar, Sue Dietzel, Beverly Pirker, Erica and Joe Stracci

Cashiers:Michele Wilson, Tami Coleman, Darcy Walter, Tara Spiteri

Coffee Station:Barb Harvey, Alison D’Addieco, Paul Kirtley

50/50 Sales:Joe Giancola, Mike Koerbel, Priscilla Robinson, Paul Moran, Paul Romero, Jenifer Bublak

Spirit wear/Sarris:Deanna Gallagher, Mandy Feitt, Sue Dietzel

Dining Room Hostess:Adrienne & Cassidy Vaughan, Jamie MacKay, Shannon Hemmingson

Take Outs:Cindy Moran

Photographers:Melina Young, Judy Kirtley

Student Patrol:Darlene Lemansky, Brian Abt

Dish Washer:Michelle Skillings

End of Night Sales/Donations:Mike Koerbel, Brian Abt, Nick Milchovich, Joe Ferris

End Of Night Relocation:Rick Dalzotto, Jim Poellet, Jim Willison

Student Sign Ups:Suzanne Mackay

Treasurer Duties:Amy Petro

Eblasts/Website/Sign ups:Brian Abt, Debbie Langley

Anything Lynn Asked:Jim Willison, Deanna Gallagher, Michelle Skillings


We would also like to recognize and THANK Amy Ignatz and Fred Ensle for returning to M&M2020 to lend their knowledge, support and time.  Fred gratuitously passed down his Sauce Boss knowledge and recipe and Amy spent the entire day Saturday (and much of Thursday and Friday) helping to run the event.  We are SO GRATEFUL to both of you!


We CANNOT forget the contributions of our music students!  Truly, you are who everyone comes to see and the reason we are all here.  Without your talent, enthusiasm and volunteer efforts there would be no event to plan.  Your collective love and appreciation of music and our school district’s music program was apparent this Saturday and throughout the year.  THANK YOU for giving your Saturday to celebrate and promote music in our community.


We would also like to say THANK YOU to  Edible Arrangements for donating the fruit served at dinner, Trax Farms for donating the onions for the sauce and Balloons Over Washington for donating the helium and balloon decorations.  We will send out a separate “Thank you” acknowledging our Basket Contributors.


If I inadvertently did not include your name on this list, put your name in the wrong place or misspelled your name I sincerely apologize.  Please know that we appreciate every minute volunteered, every task performed and every item donated.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our basket winners and to Amy Vogel who won the 50/50 raffle!


That’s it.  We will set the dates for M&M2021 within the next couple of months!  With any luck, we will have a new venue!  I truly hope that you enjoyed the day, enjoyed the performances and enjoyed the opportunity to get to know other parents in this collaborative setting.  Next year we have a number of Leads whose with seniors and will be retiring.  If you are willing to shadow a Lead next year please let us know!


Our next PTMB Meeting is Wednesday, February 19 at 7:00pm.  Come and get involved!


With gratitude,


Rochelle Koerbel

2019-2020 PTMB President


2019-2020 PTMB Board

Rochelle Koerbel, President

Suzanne MacKay, Vice President

Amy Petro, Treasurer

Sue Dietzel, Secretary