We can’t do what we do, without you

We ask that every member join one committee and help with the variety of activities that we support, for our students, each year. There is something for everyone – whether you like to work on a computer, face to face, cook, sell, design, organize, decorate, administrate -there is something right for you! Check out our PTMB Committees A to Z!

Please contact any committee chairperson directly or email the PTMB at ptmboosters@gmail.com


PTMB Events

Please email Rochelle Koerbel if you are interested in an available position.


Chaperone Coordinator

Please join this committee and assist in coordinating volunteers to be sure our students and directors have enough parent help at our many home and away events.

View our Volunteer page to see the latest chaperone needs!

Time: Throughout the school year; busiest in fall

Contact: Ria Karsonas

PMB Communications

Communications & Email

This committee ensures that important messages from Peters Township Music Boosters are sent. Information from Directors, Fundraising Chairs, Boosters and Community are communicated either through our email system or through Shelly Belcher with the School District.

Time: Throughout school year

Contact: Kim Mitchell

Data Processor

Electronic Information

Communicating with our membership at large is essential for a smooth and productive season. With the new digital forms for membership and marching band registration, plus our ecommerce online store, we are going digital and need a few people to maintain the information flow!

Time: All year: mostly August & September

Contact: Rochelle Koerbel


Financial Review

This committee assists with reviewing the books and viewing samples of our statements and transactions to keep track of our financial responsibility.

Time: spring

Contact: Rochelle Koerbel


Fundraising Overall Coordinator

Oversee the many folks and details in the myriad of fundraisers that PTMB hosts. View our fundraising page for a list to see how we rely on everyone to help!

Time: All year

Contact: Rochelle Koerbel


Game Hospitality (Home & Away)

Our Hospitality committee coordinates food and drinks as needed for our Peters Township Marching Band. They also assist visiting groups during football games or during special events.

Time: Fall Football season

Contact: Cari and Aaron Williams


Marching Band Banquet

This committee coordinates our annual Marching Band Banquet in November. Details include ticket sales to parents, planning the dinner and dance, and decorating.

This is a memorable event for our Marching Band and a wonderful event to be involved in.

Time: October & November

Contact: Nicole Stenger

Band Camp

Marching Band Camp

Support our Marching Band Students and Directors during this week by coordinating move in/departure and other special events! Cristi DeWitt is the contact person for banner painting, Carrie Gallagher is the contact for bus painting, and Amy Ignatz is the snack van coordinator.

Time: August

Contact: Available

Band Festival

Marching Band Festival

Please join this committee in coordinating our annual Peters Township Marching Band Festival. Help is needed with things such as ticket sales, bake sale, stadium decorating.

This is a wonderful event and your help is needed to ensure its continued success.

Time: September

Contact: Available

Senior Rec

Marching Band Senior Rec Night

This committee organizes a special night for our seniors as they're recognized at Peters Township High School Stadium.

Tasks include sending invitations, organizing the student information for announcers, and handling other details.

Time: October

Contact: Stacy Henderson

Uniform Recycle

Marching Band Uniform Recycle Shop

Have a summer uniform that doesn’t fit anymore?

These volunteers can find a good home for them by helping with collection and distribution of reusable band uniforms.

Time: August, minimal exchanges during season

Contact: Available


Marching Band Video Coordinator

Coordinates with PTHS Media Department to make video recordings of football game half-time shows and other PT Marching Band performances.

Recordings are then made available for purchase from the PTHS Media Department.

Time: Marching Band Season

Contact: Available

Committee - Yearkbook

Marching Band Yearbook

This committee photographs marching band events, collects and collates the photos, and works with a yearbook designer to create a keepsake that summarizes the season through photographs. All students receive a free yearbook, including a special set of pages dedicated to their individual section.

Time: All Season

Contact: Available


Meatballs & Music

This is our largest fundraiser (2000-3000 meals prepared!) and an incredible community event. Students help by serving meals and seating guests.

Parents help with cooking, supervising students, basket raffles and more.

Time: February

Contact: Lynn Willison, Amy Wasieleski, Mike Zukowski


Parent Tailgate

Parent help host and arrange the food and fun for all PTMB music dept families to attend. This tailgate kicks off the new school year at a during a home football game scheduled for a Friday night!

Time: One Friday football pregame

Contact: Cari and Aaron Williams

PTMB Publicity

Publicity & Media

When big events like the Band Festival and Meatballs & Music come around, we want the world (or at least Washington County) to know about it. The chairperson handles advertising for our functions and fundraisers.

Time: As needed throughout season

Contact: Rochelle Koerbel

committee recruitment


The first step to joining a band is knowing there is a band to join! This committee needs help getting the word out to all 7th and 8th graders to give them the opportunity to enhance their lives with band.

Time: May & June

Contact: Available


Rookie Coordinator

Are you a newbie? Have questions? We are happy to help!

Our contact is a great person to get in touch with when you don’t know the ropes.

Time: Throughout year; generally when season begins

Contact: Deanna Gallagher

PTMB Website

Website Coordinator

Our website is a great resource for parents. This committee keeps our website up-to-date with all of our many events, fundraisers, performances, forms, photos ... and more!

Time: All year

Contact: Kim Mitchell


Website eCommerce

From marching band bundles to membership, our eCommerce website makes it easy for parents to place orders, paying safely through PayPal.

Time: All year

Contact: Deanna Gallagher

Committee Contact List